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Grammy Award winning vocalist extraordinaire Corey Glover of Living Colour fame! From the start of Corey’s incredible 35 year long career with multi-platinum rock band Living Colour & their instant rise to fame following their debut smash ‘Vivid’ he has been a staple in the music industry as one of the best vocalists of our time. Billboard magazine gave him the honor by celebrating this musical fact & listing him in their ‘Top Greatest Rock Singers of All Time’ 2023!

Now in 2024 he has teamed up with the talents of guitar virtuoso & producer Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob fame. Together they’ve created what you will all know soon as Sonic Universe! Along with drumming sensation Taykwuan Jackson & outstanding bassist Booker King the album is overflowing with talent & groove! An incredibly powerful, soulful, bluesy, heavy & hit you in the face approach to songwriting band that simply ROCKS!!!

Hold on tight & welcome to the ‘SONIC UNIVERSE’!!!











Guitar Virtuoso, producer & recording/mixing/mastering engineer Mike Orlando is the driving creative musical force behind the music of Sonic Universe. His songwriting & production serves as a perfect match for partner & co-writer Corey Glover to create his incredible blend of vocal melody & lyrical expression bringing Sonic Universe to a complete other level. Having engineered, produced, mixed & mastered Sonic Universe’s debut album Mike brought the bands production & sound to yet another level as well. Alongside drumming sensation Taykwuan Jackson & outstanding bassist Booker King Sonic Universe will become quite the force in music in the years to come!

Mike’s extreme approach & command of the instrument garnered worldwide critical acclaim from the start with his Sonic Stomp I & II Instrumental releases (King Records Japan & released worldwide). From there he became the founding member of the explosive hard rock band Adrenaline Mob (EMI, Century Media Records/Sony Worldwide) featuring drumming legend Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold & many more), Russell Allen from prog giants Symphony X & John Moyer from hard rock’s elite Disturbed. Their debut Omerta brought them directly to the world’s stage doing multiple world tours in arenas, festivals touring w/Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack & many others.

Now in 2024 Mike & company looks forwards to taking Sonic Universe to the world’s stages!!
















Extremely accomplished and highly sought after, bassist/composer Booker King has toured the world laying down thunderous grooves across multiple genres of music. From orchestral melodies to fusion funk to metal anthems, Booker’s signature bass lines are not only visceral expressions of the compositions, but of the stories within the music. His resume features recordings and performances with Santana, Paul Simon, Angelique Kidjo, Billy Cobham,  Jane Siberry, Defunkt Big Band, Yoko Kanno, Corey Glover, Dean Brown, Mary Wilson, Stephanie Mills, Bill Sims and the American Roots Orchestra, Femi Kuti, Bobby Caldwell, Lila Downs among others.



















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Sonic Universe is the explosive new rock band featuring Grammy Award winning vocalist extraordinaire Corey Glover of Living Colour, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob, Taykwuan Jackson on drums (Sworn Enemy) & bassist Booker King!


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